Independent Creative Director, Photo Art Director,  
& Creative Designer 


I am an independent Creative Director with over
25 years of both in-house and agency experience. 
While I have a specialty in photography, it is only one aspect of my credentials as a diverse creative talent. Within all the projects I have held as Art Director, Photo Art Director, Creative Director of Photography and Creative Director, I have played an integral part of the creative process. Starting from the primal creativity of brain storming, taking
it to an advanced creative concept, finally, overseeing and working with a team to take it to completion of a strong product that is on target
and gets results.

The diversity of my jobs in advertising, print and marketing have taught me to be a strategic, creative thinking person. While technologically skilled and deadline driven, I have and always
will be a romantic, striving to bring a graceful refinement to all projects. I believe in the balance of photography, design and copy coming to fruition creating a stunning story. I thrive in a team-oriented atmosphere and have a proven track record
leading and encouraging people in a positive creative direction. I revel in the thought of a successful outcome and enhearten all around me
to do the same. 



Creative Direction

Photo Art Direction

Graphic Design

Turn Key Projects : Catalogs & Campaigns


Set Design



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